5 Magical Small Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season

Can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK? And that means the winter holidays are right around the corner and the holiday shopping season will be in full swing!

While it can be easy to just pop over to the mall to get your shopping done, have you ever thought about shopping small? I admire the uniqueness of small shops and the creativity that comes from the products you find! And I LOVE having the opportunity to support creative people.

Here are some of my favorite Disney inspired shops that you should consider supporting checking out for all of your holiday shopping needs!

untitled-3Fett & Co


Lost Bro’s Trading Co


Glitter Ever After


Lillian & Co 


Walter and Rosie Candle Company

What are you favorite magical small shops? Let me know!


** I was not asked to promote any of these small businesses. These are all my own opinions of shops that I admire and wanted to share with all of you! **

The First Step to the Perfect Fall #OOTD

As I am sure all of you know by now, I LOVE fall! I love the food, the weather, the scents and the clothes! Do you know what the first step to the perfect fall outfit is? The perfect bra. Without comfortable undergarments there is no way that you can frolic through a corn maze or settle in for a day of turkey and stuffing.

ThirdLove reached out to me recently and shared their Perfect Fall Bra Quiz that makes finding that perfect bra easy as pumpkin pie!


After taking the quiz, I got the 24/7 Classic t-shirt bra which is no surprise to me.The t-shirt bra is not only perfect under a t-shirt but also under a cozy sweater. And what’s even better, the bra is SO CUTE. So whether you are wearing a buttery soft flannel or your favorite black turtleneck you will know that you started with the perfect base.
Take your first step to the perfect fall #OOTD and give ThirdLove a try. Use the code TLBBOCT16 for 15% off your new bra!

How To Star Wars-ify Your Home!

As many of you can probably tell by now, I like to have my nerd flag fly proudly for all to see. This same mentality doesn’t stop with my outfits and accessories, but bleeds into my home as well.  How I see it, I have one life to live and why not surround, myself with the things that make me happy and bring me joy? My home is full of all sorts of thrifty finds, magical Disney pieces and of course lots of Star Wars goodness!

Whether you are more of a minimalist or a little more flashy and over the top, it can be easy to turn your home in to your very own Star Wars sanctuary!

Here are some ways that you can add a little Star Wars magic to your home.

  1. Start with artwork. Adding subtle touches of Star Wars art helps to accent different rooms in your home and show off your Star Wars fandom. I would suggest picking up some prints at your next convention or checking out places like Etsy or Society6.untitled
  2. Transform your bathroom. It is probably one of the smallest rooms in your house and will be very easy and much less expensive to makeover and a perfect place to start. Then move on to other practical home items like bed sheets!

    This is the Death Star rug in my bathroom.
  3. Display your collectibles as if they are a work of art. I prefer to display my figures and collectible unboxed for this exact reason. I am not planning to sell them and would prefer to have them out of their box showing off their beauty the way it was meant to be.

    Some of my Disney Infinity figures that I have displayed in my living room.
  4. Go ALL OUT!  Jump in head first and transform your home with these amazing (and very functional) furniture pieces from Furniture.com. This Millennium Falcon bed is my favorite of the collection! Check out their website to see what else they have!





**I was approached by furniture.com to share their new collection on Lightsabers And Lipsticks and was then inspired to create this post. I was not paid or compensated to share their collection. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own!**