Espionage Cosmetics Haul

I have been hearing about Espionage Cosmetics for ages, and FINALLY placed an order and thought I would share what I received!

One of my fellow Geek Girl Brunch officers is always raving about the “Nailed It” stickers so I knew I they would be first on my list.

4 packs later…


I am really excited to give these a try! Especially the bats. They are so cute and the wrap is a clear background so I can place them over top of any color I choose. I also like that they work differently than other nail wraps that require heat. They work just like a sticker!


I also ordered Β a loose shadow in the color, “Manifestation” and a “Kiss of Death” lip serum in the color “Soulless.” I tried on the lip serum and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a sticky lipgloss (which is the absolute worst.) It is as more of a lip balm and went on clear.Β The shadow is a soft grayish white and I think with a great primer it will be perfect!

I am so excited to give these new geeky cosmetics a try! I will keep you updated and may post a video on how I use the nail wraps.

Have you ordered from Espionage Cosmetics before? Let me know about your favorite products!

#OOTD: Tatooine

With summer coming to an end, and the eventual Hoth-like weather we will be having in the coming months, I thought I would celebrate Skywalker’s *VERY* sunny home planet of Tatooine with today’s #OOTD.


Fangirl Fashion Tip: It’s important to always dress in layers this time of year! The weather can be unpredictable and you don’t want to be caught without a jacket when the twin suns set.


What I am wearing: Tatooine tank top from ThinkGeek, kimono cardigan from Primark, shorts from LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s, R2D2 earrings from HotTopic, wrap bracelet from Love and Madness.